Beaten by Samsung, Lenovo and ZTE, Apple Slides to Fourth Position in China

August 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple may still be the leader in the US market when it comes to smartphones or tablets, but it is not so in all countries in the world, especially in China.

The US-based company has lost the title of the second highest smartphone vendor in China to a couple of Asian players.

Apple was enjoying the powerful position as the second biggest vendor of smartphones in the country, behind Samsung till this quarter. However, an unexpected jump made by Lenovo has made a coup d’état, by outnumbering iPhones in sales figures in the last quarter.

Lenovo was at a pathetic seventh position in the last quarter and jumped to second position, dethroning Apple.

The worst is not yet over in China for Apple. ZTE, a Chinese rival, has also overtaken Apple in terms of market share taking the third position. ZTE was the fourth largest smartphone vendor in the previous quarter.

Among all these jumping up and falling down, a strong Samsung retained its top position in China. Samsung enjoys a 19 percent market share in the smartphone market.

The market share of Samsung is not dwindling, but has been staying static from the first quarter this year.

Meanwhile,China has recorded 87 million smartphone units being shipped in the last quarter. The figure outnumbers that of feature phone shipments in the country.

It is for the first time that the smartphone shipments are overtaking feature phone shipments in the Chinese market. However, the smartphone market in China is still to explode considering the 1.3 billion population of the country.

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