Sony 84-inch 4K LCD Side-Lit Display to Come Out at IFA 2012 This Month

August 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sony is going to add a juggernaut display to the world of television displays.

Believe it or not, their new entrant with its 84 inch wide display show off space will see the days light in the upcoming IFA expo which is scheduled to take place in the end of this month in Berlin.

So if the display measures 84 inches in its width, what could be its resolution? Not very bad, confirms anonymous sources. According them, it has a massive 4,096 x 3,072 resolution on board.

That makes it four times the pixel rich resolution than a traditional 1080p television. Apparently it belongs to the 4K family of displays with that resolution.

Moreover, to add to the features, it has a side lit LCD panel and removable speakers. Since the display comes with side lit LCD panels, it is expected that it will be thinner in shape.

The guys who got a chance to have a look at this display giant insist that Sony has gone for a retro-style appearance with a pinch of modern aesthetics.

Sony really needs to push the standards of the present consumer display standards close to 4k, if that is the way to interpret their recent endeavors.

The 4k display follows a recent 4k compatible Blu-ray disk player and cameras from the company.

Though more details about the display are yet to come out, there are rumors floating around its possible price tag. Usually big things come with big price tags and in this case, it is rumored to have a hefty $30,000.

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