Microsoft Logo Changes after a 25-Year-Gap

August 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft has indeed changed a lot. As the time to unveil new things like Windows 8, Surface tablet, Windows Phone 8 and the Xbox new version comes closer, the company is gradually turning into a real new entity, which is very much different than the ‘software developer giant’ image of the past.

Naturally, they feel it is high time to get a new face to their corporate identity with a brand new logo.

You might know, it was in 1987, almost 25 years back, that the company has changed it logo for the last time. So to keep updated with the changing games in the trade, now they have readied a new logo.

The redesign of the logo brings in a new font which is more simple and light in its appearance, instead of the gigantic feel of the font and design in the old logo.

However, if the old logo was just a game with the name, the new one takes the familiar colored squares with it, enabling instant recognition.

However, there is conflicting expert opinion on the nature of the new logo. Some initial reactions have pointed out that the new logo is simply boring and light in its feel.

But a majority of the experts point out that Microsoft has made a change to suit the corporate culture and trends of our times where simple and cleaner brand identities which enable instant recognition are preferred over unnecessarily ornate symbols.

Now it is your chance. Tell us your opinion on the new logo.

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