Apple May Launch Next Gen iPhone and iPad Mini on Separate Dates, Say Experts

August 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The talk in the town is that Apple is going to unveil two of its potential devices, which can shake the market – a new iPhone and iPad Mini aka the 7-inch version its popular iPad tablet – in a September 12th event.

We have been very skeptical on this bit of rumor we wonder how the company is going to manage the focus getting diverted into tow potential devices if they were to be launched on the same day.

Now we have come to know that we are not alone in our doubts.

Expert Apple journo Jim Dalrymple has also raked up a similar question. Further, he even claims that the Cupertino based company will be unveiling the products in separate events, not in a single event as rumored now.

His argument seems to stand logic. So according t him, Apple will hold the first event possibly on the rumored date to unveil the next gen iPhone and to show off how it works with the new iOS 6.

The device will hit the stores in nine days, as per the present rumors. Then the whole focus will be on the new iPhone, both in the event and in the media or say with the reviewers.

Then by the time it makes a good grip on the market, the company may launch the iPad Mini in the first or second week of October when it usually conducts the musical event.

Apple used to launch iPods in the event, but since there is no chance for a new version of the device to follow; the chances are for the iPad mini.

This way, the company can also avoid the iPad Mini pulling down the sales of the next gen iPhone.

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