Samsung Clothing Brand 8ight Seconds to Hit China in 2014

August 23, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you think Samsung is all about making smartphones and other consumer electronics items, you have been looking at the wrong end of the stick. The smartphone maker also has interest in theme park, ship building, and international clothing brand.

Dubbed 8ight seconds, Samsung’s clothing brand is a common thing in South Korea, home of the Samsung Group. But now the company is planning to expand the presence of 8ight Seconds to China.

The 8ight Seconds clothing brand, according to Samsung sources, will enter China in 2014.

The company thinks that the brand familiarity in China enjoyed with the success of its consumer electronics products will also help the clothing brand. Samsung leads the smartphone shipments in China with a 17 percent market share.

According to certain estimates, the multi-faceted corporate endeavor of Samsung Group has made it the biggest corporate entity in South Korea by providing almost 20 percent of the total GDP of the country.

Samsung Group also runs Samsung Heavy Industries which builds ships while another subsidiary Cheli Worldwide is a competent global marketing and communications company.

The corporate giant also runs Samsung Life Insurance globally. Samsung Everland is the oldest theme park in South Korea and the Shilla Hotels and Resorts are also under the ownership of this company.

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