Google Plus introduces Sliders to Help Regulate News Feeds from Circles

August 23, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has blessed the folks on Google Plus with more options to control the flood gate of news feeds from their circles. The new feature brings sliders to the interface of the Google Plus page, which helps users adjust the presence of news feeds as per their preference.

The new feature is something in line with the ‘hide stories’ feature in Facebook which allows Facebook users to hide certain news feeds from their contacts.

However, the sliders are not a new thing for Google Plus space. The social network run by the search giant has introduced volume sliders last year itself, later spreading their presence across the social network.

The new announcement, however, adds more feature to them so that users can more specifically control the news feeds from their circles.

An official blog post from Google staff explains the improvements. According to it, if the users don’t want to miss any update from close ones like family members or close friends, they can opt to move the slider to the extreme right. This means that the social network will give maximum importance to feeds from these users whenever there is an update.

The improvements on Google Plus have also helped users check an ‘Also send email’ option when they update something very important, like getting engaged. This makes sure that your dear ones get the news in time even if they don’t check the circles news every day, since the update will be shot directly to their inbox.

If you find Google Plus folks who flood you with notifications, the new options help you mute their updates so that they can’t clog your stream anymore.

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