Sony Patents System to Convert Ads to Mini-Games on Consoles

August 22, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Hinting possible changes in the ads being displayed at Sony gaming consoles in the future, the company has patented a new system called “System for converting television commercials into interactive networked video games”.

Just as the title says, the system will change interactive advertisements in to short video games giving an overhaul to the advertising concepts on the gaming space.

The patent was actually filed way back in 2009 at the United States Patent and Trademarks Office (USPTO), but hit the public domain just the other day.

The system mentioned in the patent will help Sony gaming consoles detect the interactive segment of an advertisement when it is being streamed or broadcast. When the ad has an interactive segment, the system will convert it into a mini-game commercial.

The gamers can then opt to play the mini-game commercial with other active gamers online. Just like traditional television ads, the new mini-game ads also will have a fixed time period, after which they will stop.

The system mentioned in the patent will indeed help both the advertisers as well as the gamers. On part of the advertisers, presenting an ad as a game, rather than something just to watch, makes their promotional message more appealing.

For gamers, they need not kill time just watching an ad from the game sponsor, but can spent more interesting time playing it.

However, filing a patent does not always mean the feature will be introduced in near future. As of now, we don’t know whether Sony is planning to add the system to its existing consoles or not.

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