New Kindle Fire Hits FCC; Amazon Bags Firedock Trademark

August 22, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We had earlier reported spotting a new Kindle Fire at the FCC. But now it looks like Amazon is planning to launch many more Kindle Fires, as we have spotted another Kindle Fire device at the office of the Federal Communications Commission.

Dubbed EY21, the device packs Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, as per FCC documents. However, the illustrations on the documents show that the new device does not have the front light, which many were hoping for.

After a thorough digging, we were able to find out that the device actually originates from Amazon, though it was submitted to the FCC through a front company named Hannaford LLC.

Though we did not get a picture of the new device, apparently, it is entirely different from the other Kindle Fire device we spotted earlier. The first one appeared to be a new version of the existing Kindle fire while the new device looks similar to the existing Kindle Fire device.

By joining the dots, it is safe to assume that Amazon is going to launch a new version of Kindle Fire with added features and specs, while it will also roll out another device similar to the basic Kindle Fire.

Interestingly, Amazon has recently bagged the ‘Firedock’ trademark which looks similar to the name of the upcoming speaker dock from Grace Digital audio for Kindle Fire. So it looks like Amazon has plans to roll out its own Kindle Fire dock.

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