Apple Suppliers Gear Up to Make 4 Million iPad Minis Every Month

August 21, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If what we hear is true, we might get to see as many as four million iPad Minis rolling down the Apple assembly line on a monthly basis. Suppliers are said to be gearing up to build that number every month.

And, in a bid towards reaching that number, the makers have begun small-scale production already. It is rumored that since June, a few hundred thousand pieces of the device have been made.

So, what would the upcoming device look like is everyone’s question. Though not much has been revealed, we get to know that the device could come sporting a 7.85-inch display. Now, that could mean that it would have a screen a tad bigger than that of the regular seven inchers.

However, the rig’s cool thin bezel and a resolution similar to the iPad 2’s 1024×768 would make it a charmer.

If you are looking for more, the device will boast features such as a smaller dock connector, an iridium tin oxide (ITO) coating on the display and more.

It might look the same as an iPod touch in build, though lighter.

We just need a confirmation from the Cupertino major so as to look forward with excitement for the device.

May be, we might get to see a September 12 roll out. Yes, that the date we are expecting the next gen iPhone too.

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