Microsoft May Sell Windows RT Tablets for $300

August 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The pricing war in the tablet world just got hotter. Just as we thought that companies could now be sparring with each other on specs, we hear this news about Microsoft and its new Windows RT tablets.

Microsoft is planning to sell its new tablets that run on Windows RT operating system at a very competitive price. The tablets will be on sale from October.

Company officials have said that Windows RT tablets, which run on ARM processors, will cost only a third to half as much as its Intel-powered Windows 8 tablets.

The Windows 8 tablets will cost $600 to $700, and Windows RT devices will cost around $200 to $300 less. The Windows RT tablets will be appealing to the consumer and would bring in retail at very belligerent price points.

If these indications are true, that means we could see Windows RT tablets priced as low as $300, which is $100 less than Apple’s iPad 2. Many industry watchers believe that this is a prudent move taking into account the current position of Microsoft in the tablet market.

Buying a 10-inch Windows RT tablet for just $300 is a pretty convincing proposal. It is predicted that this would do a lot to speed up the user adoption of the platform. It is believed that this would in turn increase the developments in the app arena that Windows need to carry out to stay in the competition and match up with Apple.

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