Motorola XT907 4G Smartphone Gets FCC Nod, Heads to Verizon

August 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A new device is heading to The Big Red network, possibly to improve the present options in the mid-range devices on the network.

We have got the earliest clue, as usual, from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

As per the official documentation available with the FCC, the device is manufactured by Motorola and is code named as XT907 in the official documents submitted for the purpose of the necessary approval from the apex body of telecommunications in the country.

The latest rig from Moto, as per the documents, has got a green light from the commission which means it can hit the network in its full glory.

The device will have 4G connectivity for two obvious reasons. One, Verizon is no more taking anything non-4G. And two, FCC documents show that the device does have an LTE radio.

The device, as per available information, will only be a light upgrade to the original RAZR. To make it better than the old timer, Motorola has reportedly stuffed a Snapdragon S4 chip from Qualcomm in it.

Moreover, the NFC feature in the device also offers support to mobile wallet services for making hassle-free purchases. However, don’t expect any improvement in the case of display as the device is still packing the same qHD display.

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