Nokia Windows Phone 8 Device Display Spotted in the Wild

August 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The fact that Nokia is banking on the new mobile OS from Microsoft, Windows Phone 8, to help it turn around is no secret. Now rumors have emerged that the Finnish mobile maker might be planning to launch one or more handsets running the new OS.

We, in fact, have spotted some leaked pictures of the display believed to be the component of an imminent Windows Phone 8 device from Nokia. The display has a 4.3 inch size and comes perfect with a Windows logo at the bottom. Sources close to Nokia say that we may be able to see the device at the upcoming Nokia World Event scheduled to kick off on September 5.

Nokia sources have earlier indicated that the company may unveil its first Windows Phone 8 device at the event. So the display, according to them, may be an early sign of the device getting prepared.

The size and nature of the display shows that it is a part of a piece of multi-part frame, hinting that the device may hit the mid-range market. Usually Nokia prefers multi-part frames for mid-range devices.

Interestingly, the display hints that the device may not feature a front facing camera. It has just a small hole for the ambient light sensor.

We have been hearing many rumors about the Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices. It was widely reported that a Nokia Windows Phone 8 device was spotted in China recently. These leaked pictures are the latest in that series.

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