Apple Rumoured to Take Pre-Orders for Next-gen iPhone from Sept 12

August 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It is raining rumors as far as Apple’s new iPhone is concerned. Everything about the device has been leaked online, right from the logic board images to the launch date.

We will know how many of these leaks were closer to truth only after Apple launches the device.

Rounding up all the available rumors on the next iPhone (we don’t dare to call it iPhone 5, as many do), we may say that the device will be bigger and thinner than its immediate predecessor iPhone 4S and is expected to see the day’s light at the Apple event on September 12.

Earlier rumors had suggested that after the unveiling ceremony, Apple will start selling the device from September 21. However, new rumors claim that the Cupertino Company will start the pre-order period for next gen iPhone right from the day of the launch.

So that means the queues in front of the Apple Stores on September 21 won’t panic about thinning stocks. As usual, US customers will get priority with the option to start pre-ordering it nine days before it goes on sale.

However, customers outside the US will have to wait until the second stock arrives on October 5, according to sources. Apple is expected to launch the device across European and Asian markets on this date.

Apple is reportedly taking extra care both online and offline to meet the excessive demand.

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