Toshiba Cancels All Windows RT Devices

August 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Toshiba has canceled its plans to release a tablet computer based on Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system. The company said that its decision has nothing to do with Microsoft’s Surface tablet, rather a delay in getting components.

Toshiba initially planned to use Texas Instrument’s ARM-based processors for its RT devices, but it will instead concentrate on Windows 8 devices that work on Intel’s (INTC) x86-64 architecture.

Last June, Toshiba showed two Windows RT-based concepts, a tablet with a docking station and a ‘clamshell’ design that resembled a keyboard-equipped ultra-light notebook at Computex.

The devices were not operational at that point of time. Based on those concept devices, most had included Toshiba in the slowly-growing list of OEMs that were believed to be preparing Windows RT hardware for launch this year.

Texas Instruments (TI), Qualcomm and Nvidia are the three SoC designers that Microsoft has said are creating the ARM-licensed processors to power Windows RT devices. Toshiba is the only previously-announced Windows RT OEM to rely on TI for its processors.

Toshiba said in a statement that it was canceling its Windows RT models owing to a delay in getting components that would make a timely launch impossible.

Toshiba may also be cutting its losses rather than compete against the flood of Windows RT tablets that are on the way. Toshiba also said that it hasn’t abandoned Windows 8 tablets altogether, as the company still plans to build versions around Intel’s chipsets.

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