HeroCraft Joins Prank to Take Ant Raid Beyond iOS

August 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Are you one of those gaming addicts who have been playing on Android, Bada and Symbian OSes?

For all of you out there, HeroCraft is bringing to your midst the critically acclaimed Ant Raid that promises tons of light-hearted events, detailed environments and quirky characters.

The company is in fact joining hands with original developers Prank of Finland, to make this possible.

Ant Raid, which brings to your screen a plethora of cartoony action, is a unique blend of arcade action and casual real-time strategy. In case you didn’t know, the game is already the 2nd highest rated iOS strategy game as per Metacritic ratings.

For the uninitiated, Ant Raid travels along a hilarious storyline that has an ant colony trying to survive swarms of fellow insects, who have been mutated into mindless monsters.

As the monsters unleash their offensive, the ants work as a bunch to beat giant bees and snails. And, in the process, they try and rescue fallen comrades.

Prank feels glad that the game is traveling to platforms beyond iOS, thanks to the HeroCraft support. Now, this one again is yet another high quality stuff from HeroCraft.

Tell us if you are playing Ant Raid any time soon.

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