BlackBerry 10 Devices in the Works; to Offer Replaceable Battery

August 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A legend like Blackberry can never admit defeat; it would always love to rise like a phoenix.

As if in a bid to make such things possible, the company has announced its new BlackBerry 10 OS, a seemingly worthy competitor for Android.

RIM has stated that BlackBerry 10 is in its final stage of testing. The hardware building of devices that would sport the OS has been completed, while the software is nearing completion.

It looks like this time around BlackBerry is planning to launch touchscreen phones and also those that hold physical QWERTY keyboard too. As you all know, the company is known for its devices that sport outstanding physical keyboards.

RIM plans to bring in six BlackBerry 10 handset models – three of them will be touch-only while the other three will possess physical keyboards.

RIM has also said that removable batteries would be included in the BlackBerry 10 devices, and that would allow users to replace the dead ones with new cells.

The other specifications of the devices are not available yet, but the first BlackBerry 10 handset is expected to launch in early 2013.

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