Sony Likely to Launch E-Book Reader in US

August 14, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We may soon see a new entrant to the world of e-book readers, suggests a recent leak from the consumer electronics giant Sony. As per a leaked advertisement, Sony is planning to roll out a brand new e-book reader in the US.

Though the company is yet to make any official announcement about the upcoming device, an advertisement by MCX Brands gives us an early peak about the device.

MCX Brands is the company which is known to have stores in US Marine Crops bases.

Dubbed Sony Reader PRS-T2, the reader, as per the ad, weighs only six ounces. The special E-Ink display with touch support has an 800 x 600 resolution and supports the accompanying stylus. The rig, as per the company’s claims, will offer two months battery life in one go.

As per the leaked ad, the Sony reader will offer some pre-loaded books including a Harry Potter and 12 multi-language dictionaries. It is not yet clear if the pre-loaded titles are just an initial promotional offer. It is also heard to support all popular digital book formats like PDF, TXT and EPUB. It also supports documents protected by Adobe DRM.

However, Sony is launching its e-reader at a time when the e-reader market is facing stiff competition from the $199 priced tablets.

To add more oil to the fire a major rival Barnes & Noble has slashed the price of its Nook devices while Amazon is expected to roll out a set of new devices in the imminent future. In short, it will not be an easy walk for Sony Reader PRS-T2.

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