Google Plus Starts Offering Vanity URLs

August 14, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Plus is also going the Twitter and Facebook way by offering vanity URLs.

Vanity URLs or custom URLs which suit the names of people and brands of companies have a crucial say in the social network visibility of a celebrity or a product.

Both Facebook and Twitter have been offering custom URLs for some time now. Now Google Plus has also started rolling out vanity URLS in a limited manner.

According to an official announcement from Google, vanity URLs for profiles and pages in Google Plus will be available for a set of verified accounts now. However, the rollout of the service will be expanded over a period of time.

The lucky guys who have been blessed with vanity URLs in Google Plus space include a bunch of celebrities like Soccer player David Beckham and pop icon Britney Spears.

Brand names like Toyota, Delta and Hugo Boss have also got their own vanity URLS as part of the initial rollouts.

Vanity URLs makes it easier for users to find people or brands on a social network.

The search giant has also announced that it is adding a new audio setting for the Google Plus hangouts. Dubbed as Studio Mode, this audio setting will optimise sound settings for hangouts, especially for music.

The new mode will help singers or musicians to perform using hangouts more effectively.

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