Microsoft Surface 2 Under Development; Hints Microsoft Job Postings

August 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Though Microsoft is yet to release the Surface tablets, its first hardware attempt on portable computing solution, early hints suggest that the company has already started the production of the next generation of Surface tablet.

Sources have confirmed the claims based on the recent job postings which show that the Surface tablets are a long-term commitment of Microsoft.

Pointing out the need for more human resources to facilitate Surface teams focus on lighting up the touch first computing, the postings say that the team is ‘currently building the next generation’.

Job postings also call for a senior electrical engineer to work on the electrical design. Qualification of AC-DC power supplies suggest that the product under development is indeed battery powered.

Moreover, Microsoft is also looking for a mechanical engineer with experience in integrating touch displays into electronic products.

Though Microsoft is yet to acknowledge the existence of another Surface tablet under development, the job postings also give some hints on the features of the upcoming device.

One of the senior engineers, as per the job ads, will be in charge of developing design innovations including the use of alternative sources of power. This suggests that the company is planning to break the static battery technology to bring more efficient power solutions to next gen surface tablets.

The job postings also indicate that the company is planning to pursue a fast-paced product development cycle, possibly with a time-frame similar to that of Apple products.

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