Samsung Tablet with Curved Sides Spotted at FCC

August 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

FCC is the endless source of gadget. So almost every week we take a dip at the official website of FCC and find interesting insights about the gadgets that are going to change the market in the immediate future.

This week FCC blessed us with a hint about how Samsung is making certain curvy games on its tablet designs to keep away from future patent litigation.

This crucial catch from FCC hints about a new Samsung tablet which has not surfaced in any previous rumors or ‘official’ slips of tongue.

The tablet spotted at FCC has a remarkable change in its design with its sides slightly curved, very unlike the usual straight side design of earlier Samsung tablets.

Moreover, the back antenna window has disappeared in the new model according to the illustrations on FCC documents.

Though nothing much about the device is known, the model which reached FCC reportedly has 16 GB storage capacity, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and possible NFC connectivity options. Many think that the new tablet may be the Samsung P10 that was mentioned in the court documents.

However, P10, according to the court documents, has an 11.8 inch display and is expected to hit the markets in 2012.

Though the time-frame for the launch fits the new device, the dimensions of the device shown in the FCC documents are less likely to support an 11.8 inch display device.

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