Apple Starts Price Matching iPhone Discounts from Networks

August 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Next gen iPhone is rumored to be launched on September 12. The chances of an imminent launch of the new device are forcing many potential iPhone buyers to postpone their purchases. It seems they want to take a final call (whether to buy an existing phone or go for the new one) only after seeing the new device.

To lure such ‘fence sitters’ into buying a phone now, network carrier Sprint has already started trimming down the prices of the existing iPhone models, by giving up to $50 discount on each purchase.

Now, Apple also has started giving the discounts as it has directed its retail outlets to go on a price matching spree to match the discount offered by network carriers and other retailers.

As per the new direction, which is yet to be officially announced by Apple, Apple stores will give up to $50 discount on some models. Now, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB iPhone 4S models will be available for $149.99, $249.99 and $349.99 respectively, each after a $49.01 discount. Similarly, iPhone 4 is now priced at $49.99 after a $49.01 discount.

The price matching is available for offers from major network carriers of retailers like BestBuy, Radio Shack, Sprint, etc. Moreover, customers have to cite the source which offers the discount for getting the matching offer from Apple.

The price matching applies only to the purchases made through brick and mortar Apple retailer outlets and not from the company’s online stores. Will you pick any existing iPhone for the offer or wait for the iPhone 5 to come out to make a decision?

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