Intel to Discuss Haswell Chipset at IDF 2012 conference in September

August 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It is in San Francisco that we are going to hear again about Haswell, the new microchip architecture from Intel. The company has clarified that Haswell will be discussed at the September conference.

Haswell is the buzz word among techies as the new generation chip architecture, just like its predecessors, is expected to bring revolutionary changes in the efficiency and performance of all types of devices.

The next gen silicon from the Chipzilla brings in the glories of being a new microarchitecture. Its flagship feature is that it packs more core functions of a PC inside one chip than any Intel processor till now.

The major advantages with Haswell chipsets is that they are expected to bring exceptional efficiency with minimal power usage, to a level which is unheard among existing Intel chipsets.

The IDF 2012 at Sans Francisco will have several sessions on Haswell, so that all interested techies will get loads of stuff about the upcoming SoC architecture from Intel.

Different aspects of the new chipset like Intel Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel TSX) hardware and Intel AVX2 hardware will be discussed in detail at a session devoted to Haswell, titled “Intel Next Generation Microarchitecture Code Name Haswell: New Processor Innovations” .

Though Intel is yet to make the details available, sources suggest that Haswell chipset for the consumer market will have two CPU cores, multiple DDR3 memory controller and high end Intel graphics along with Lynx Point chipset. All these stuffs together will eat up less than 15 watts only.

Haswell will hit the market by August next year.

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