Sony Files ‘Rain’ and ‘Until Dawn’ as Upcoming Game Trademarks

August 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It looks like Sony is now more interested in the elements of nature. The trademark registration moves of the company show that it has registered ‘Rain’ and ‘Until Dawn’ as two separate trademarks in the US and Europe.

Interestingly, both the names have been registered as trademarks for ‘computer game software’.

Though we have not received any official information about its upcoming games in those names, we have got hold of an image filed along with the ‘Rain’ filing at OHIM, which is the trademark system used by the European Union.

However, the timing of the filings is interesting. ‘Until Dawn’ was registered on OHIM in May while it taken to the United States Patent and Trademarks Office (USPTO) only in August.

However, Rain was sharper by landing at the USPTO and OHIM on July 30.

After we found these images, we tried making connections and association to earlier rumors regarding Sony. Then we found out that a gif image which was said to be a hint on an upcoming Sony PS3 game floating in the internet.

The file depicts a severe hand fighting sequence taking place amidst a strong rain storm.

Sources say that the game is an upcoming Sony product considering the recent job postings from Sony. In whatever way, we also would like to imagine fighting with tougher guys at a rainy scene until it is dawn.

We hope that scene will pop at the Gamescom next week.

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