Nano SIM Tray Leaks; Believed to Find its Place Inside the iPhone 5

August 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Nano SIM hullabaloo has been here for some time and has been hovering around the Cupertino based Apple.

The much-awaited iPhone is expected to come this fall and the talk in the tech world is that Apple will definitely introduce the smaller SIM card standard this time.

Since Apple had even proposed its own design for the smaller sized SIM card, the expectations are even stronger.

Latest news is about a leaked Nano SIM card tray that can hold the card, and the device spotted is believed to be iPhone 5.

The card tray looks similar to that of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. This new card tray also requires a SIM ejector tool or paperclip to eject the tray like its predecessors.

We have come across several of such images of the card trays. The tray is slightly smaller than the micro SIM trays available today.

If the Nano SIM concept becomes a reality, it can save a lot of space inside the handset. This could serve as room for incorporating new technologies like LTE modem or a long-running battery.

Apple has not responded yet to all these rumors and assumptions as usual. In fact, the iPhone 5 is not officially announced yet. However, the device is expected to come out on 12th of next month.

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