Xbox 720 Gaming Console to Pack Windows 8 Power

August 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When it comes to Microsoft’s upcoming products, expectations run high. So the gaming folks think they will find some real gaming powerhouse unpacked when the new gaming console from Microsoft hits the shelves. Microsoft often scores beyond your expectations. Same is the case with the upcoming upgrade to the company’s Xbox gaming consoles.

According to emerging information, the new Xbox gaming console, named Xbox 720, plans to make it more than just a gaming machine with the help and power of the Windows 8 OS.

In short, Microsoft plans to make it a glorified entertainment hub than just a limited gaming-only console.

The latest clue came as a slip of tongue from Microsoft General Manager for Windows Brian Hall who acknowledged the existence of Xbox 720 and also revealed the official secret that the console will be running on the upcoming windows 8 platform.

The news, although a slip of tongue, is real big since earlier leaks on the Xbox 720 console never mentioned anything about the new desktop version being included in the gaming console.

So that means there is going to be endless possibilities with the new gaming console like pausing a game in the middle and switching over to desktop mode to scribble down a document or downloading and playing your favorite tracks from internet. Now we will have to see how Sony will counter this.

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