Sprint Cuts iPhone 4S Price by $50, Waives $36 Activation Fee Too

August 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Next-gen Apple iPhone could be here sooner that you thought. Though we are not very sure if the news iPhone will be called iPhone 5 as many in the tech news world call it now, we are sure that many potential iPhone customers have postponed their purchase decision to see what Apple is offering on its new package.

Well, while we hope the wait is worthy, we also want to bring your attention to the fact that the network carrier Sprint has started trimming down the price tag of iPhone 4S, probably to lure those who are still sitting on the fence.

The network, according to official information, has cut down the price of different iPhone 4S models by $50.

To make the offer more appealing, it has also waived the $36 activation fee usually needed to use the phone on the network.

Well, don’t think it is an offer only for those who are bankrupt or those who cannot wait patiently for two or three months.

iPhone 4S is still a rocking device and we never felt like it should have an immediate update to keep things moving. So the offer on Sprint is still worth drooling even if you are waiting for the new generation iPhone from Apple.

Well, if you think it is worth, go and grab it. Otherwise just wait till.

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