Kno Offers K-12 Digital Text Books on Tablets for Less Than $10 a Year

August 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Kno, the education software player, has introduced K-12 content for a rental price below $10. The company has announced its decision to enter the K-12 education market by introducing the offer.

Now parents can opt to rent enhanced, interactive study material for their kids in elementary and secondary level for a price point which is below $10 for a year per book. Students can access interactive K-12 books through the Kno app for iPads, internet Android and Windows 7 devices.

The available books include subjects aligned with Common Core standards.

The new service is expected to help students find additional resources even if their schools have not yet adopted digital textbooks. If they have done so, it can considerably reduce the weight of the backpack for a less than $60 fee in a year.

The Kno app for iPad and web are already available and those for Windows 7 devices and Android devices will be ready by the time the back to school season begins, said sources.

The app offers some 70 interactive features that help make learning more fun and effective. The features include a digital Journal to save student’s notes and flash cards for easy remembering.

3D models and Quiz Me features also helps in understanding subjects easier. Students can get instructional videos with the help of SmartLinks feature while an upcoming analytics feature will help parents monitor the reading progress of children.

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