Hardware Malfunction Plagued Galaxy Tab in 2011, Shows Samsung Study

August 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Hardware malfunction was a major reason why buyers returned the Samsung Galaxy Tab in 2011, shows the results of a study conducted by the company during the period. According to the study, hardware malfunction was cited as a reason in gadget return three times more than an intention to switch to Apple iPad.

The study became public after Samsung submitted it as a proof to support its cause in the ongoing high octane patent feud with Apple.

The study, thus points out that it was not the confusion caused by the design similarities with iPad that forced customers to return the Samsung tablets but hardware issues.

The study which was actually conducted in 2011 at 30 BestBuy stores in Ney York, Los Angeles and Florida found that 25 percent of the returns showed hardware malfunctioning like freezing browsers, not-so-sensitive screens and pathetic Wi-Fi connectivity as the major reasons.

Batteries running out faster, non-syncing feature with the PCs and screen lagging were cited as a reason in another 17 percent of the cases.

However, the study also shows that the hiccups with the Honeycomb OS were also a major bottleneck with 10 percent of the customers returning the tablet. Only 9 percent of the users said that they want to swap it with iPad 2.

Around 8 percent found lack of support for apps like Hulu and Skype as an issue while insufficient speed was an issue for a 6 percent of people.

Though it presents a pathetic picture of an Android tablet hitting the market with an inefficient OS, it surely helps Samsung to put its point through.

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