Amazon Unveils Amazon Game Studios; ‘Living Classics’ Hits Facebook

August 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have reported earlier about online retailer giant Amazon’s plans to start warehouses across the country, closing in on the idea of faster shipping services.

It has now emerged that the expansion plans is not limited to just same-day shipping. Amazon is also eyeing the lucrative gaming industry in which it only had limited presence as sellers of games developed by other studios. The plan is to develop its own games and sell them.

As part this, Amazon has unveiled a new initiative called ‘Amazon Game Studios’ and have even released the first game.

The game, dubbed ‘Living Classics’, has hit the Facebook and already has more than 11,566 people playing the game.

Living Classics is counted as a ‘moving object game’ which tells the story of foxes which have wandered into some of their favorite classic books.

The game offers you quests from the members of the fox family asking you to find its lost family members from classic texts like Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of the Oz and King Arthur.

Once the player advances through quests by finding more foxes and clicking on as many moving objects as he can, he gets more points with which he can unlock new quests.

The game is available in Facebbok for free and the scenarios are beautifully illustrated. There is an option to play full screen and to share your success in Living Classics with other Facebook friends. Now extend a helping hand to the fox family to reunite them.

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