Skype-Enabled Logitech TV Cam HD Available for Pre-Order for $200

August 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Logitech knows very well that gadget lovers crave for novel and innovative products. So the company has just added a Skype-enabled TV cam HD to its existing line up of devices.

Earlier models from Logitech needed the users to have a television with a USB port on it. However, the new model avoids this inconvenience by opting HDMI ports for direct connectivity

Moreover, the new TV Cam HD can connect to the internet through wired means or with the help of a Wi-Fi connection. This ability avoids the need of a computer as intermediate to connect to the internet as was the case with earlier models.

The rig is now available for pre-order for $200. For that price, it offers 720p HD resolution with the help of high-quality Carl Zeiss optics.

To make sure that users of the rig get high quality audio streaming experience, Logitech has also sought the support of the Fluid Crystal technology.

The support for wide angled shots helps the device to enable multiple users sitting in a usual room to communicate simultaneously.

The device also has four microphones which help it to provide support for unidirectional voice reception as well as beam-forming support.

Ability to tilt, zoom and easier use with a physical remote control are additional features of the unit.

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