Samsung Music Hub Adds One More Feather to S III’s Cap

August 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It is party time for the guys in the US who already own a Galaxy Samsung S III. For those who don’t have it, there is now one more reason to start craving for it.

The news is that the device is now blessed with a new Music Hub Application, which actually makes the phone the single hub from where you can get all your music that is stored on cloud.

Samsung Music Hub, as the app is fondly called, is the best music streaming solution available on a smartphone machine, just like Spotify which is known for its efficiency to handle audio streaming.

Moreover, Samsung Music Hub is actually tailored to perform most with the Samsung Galaxy III smartphone. However, sources close to Samsung said that the app will soon hit other Android devices too.

In a way, Samsung Music Hub is Spottily plus iTunes. The app allows you to play all of you music collection offline.

Users can also opt to subscribe to Samsung’s premium service which costs you $10 a month. Like Spotify, Samsung Music Hub also offers an offline mode, in case you are not on a good flowing connection.

An interesting feature of the Samsung Music Hub is that it brings to you the lyrics of the song while you play it back. Apart from songs, the Music Hub also offers broadcast from thousands of radio stations for its users.

However, the only hiccup is that you need to have a Galaxy S III for using the service. If you can wait, it is ok, since it is expected that the app will soon hit other Android devices, possible Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II.

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