Android Jelly Bean Has Multi-User Account Option

August 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Time and again, we have written about the need for smartphones to have separate user accounts just like computers, to save the privacy of individual users and for security reasons.

Android has indeed understood the need and has reportedly started building up the option to its new editions of the Android platform.

Though the option was not available for access for users just like other features, guys at the XDA Developer forum have found that the feature can be accessed at the AOSP Jelly Bean.

They have gone on to create such multiple accounts in the platform to see how much the feature can solve the issue of privacy when somebody else is allowed to use the phone, in another account.

As per the info available, the user of the second account cannot access pictures, contacts, shared app data, home screen lay outs and music from the first user. This is welcome news since it checks the leak of sensational private information.

However, there is still a concern. SMS messages, recent apps and default app choices of one user can be seen by another user. So the issue is not completely solved.

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