Epson E200 Wrist Watch is a Time Piece Plus Pulse Monitor

August 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have seen quite a lot of smart watches in the past, but here we have a relatively smart watch – the Epson E200 wrist watch pulse monitor.

As the name suggests, the Epson E200 is a revolutionary and yet easy-to-use time piece that will also be able to keep track of your pulse, with the help of Epson’s advanced sensing technology incorporated within.

The Epson E200 is part of the company’s strategy to develop their healthcare device business, and it does seem to be a good start.

By using the Epson-made sensor, the E200 will measure your pulse rate through contact with your wrist, while the LCD display will point out the amount of exercise you need in order to raise your heart rate to a level that burns fat.

Fitness enthusiasts will definitely find the Epson E200 useful, but it is quite strange to hear that the Epson E200 is only sold in Japan at the moment. Perhaps, in the future, it will be available worldwide.

The screen icons will let you know current versus the optimum fat-burning heart rate levels, and by using the light-absorbing property of the hemoglobin in blood it can keep an accurate count of your heart rate.

No idea on how much this device would be priced. Watch this space for more on that.

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