Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to Come Out at Berlin Event on August 29th

August 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, the wait is at last over. The mammoth phablet from Samsung will see the day’s light officially on August 29th.

We are talking about the upcoming second generation Samsung Galaxy Note device. Though the company is yet to confirm that they are going to release the rig, it has started sending invitations to the media and others for a gala event on August 29th at Berlin.

The grapevine confirms it is all about the launch of Galaxy Note 2.

The invitation, which hints about an unpacked event with an attention grabbing ‘ When Magical Moments come Alive’ heralds the arrival of the much anticipated Android phone from Samsung which is already famous for its rumored 5. 5-inch screen.

As per the invitation, the event will take place at Berlin’s IFA conference on Wednesday, August 29th.

Though the company is yet o say anything about the specs and features of the new device, rumor mills have told a lot things which will be confirmed with the launch.

Apart from the rumored 5.5-inch display at 1280 X 800 resolution, the rig is also expected to carry along an Exynos processor with four cores running at a clock speed of 1.6 GHz.

Rumor mills insist that, to keep the prowess of the rig high, Samsung has stuffed in 2 GB of Ram, not to mention the 4G LTE radios inside.

But the stylus looking magic wand and the theme of the invitation indicate that the second generation Galaxy Note will surely bring out something more magical. We haven’t been able to get any more clue as yet. But we are trying. So stay tuned.

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