Lantronix XPrintServer Home Edition Arrives with $99 Price Tag

August 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Lantronix, the maker of excellent printer solutions like the XPrintServer, has started shipping the Home Edition of this intelligent print server for a price of $100.

Its predecessor was not capable of working with USB printers however; the new machine is capable of handling lot scenarios involving anything from wireless iOS printing to USB and networked printers.

In looks, it is the same white box thicker than an iPhone, like its predecessor. However, it features a power port, Ethernet port and a USB port.

Setting it up is very simple task since it automatically detects all your printers once you plug it to a USB hub or connect it to the network using the Ethernet cable.

However, presence of cheaper options like Printopia which is available for $20 may affect the market performance of the new intelligent printer.

They are different breeds of devices, sice Printopia needs you to have a computer live at every moment if you want to fetch print outs.

It will be an ok kind of scenario in offices, but consider this, how you are supposed to take print outs at home, if you have just an iPad with you? This is where the XPrintserver helps you.

While setting up the networked printers, you should make it sure that the subnet to which you are plugging the Ethernet cable is same for all  the printers. Guys who gave it a try say that they took just a minute to get it set up and running.

Are you going to try the XPrintServer Home edition?

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