Bomb Detector is Efficient to Detect Cancer

August 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A device which is usually used to detect the presence of explosives has recently turned out to be a very efficient tool for easily diagnosing certain types of cancer.

As per a study published in European Respiratory Journal, researchers at the University of South Wales have found that CyraNose 3200 which is used in airports to find the presence of bombs can be as well used for finding out a developing Mesothelioma, a type of cancer caused by asbestos.

CyraNose is a commercial handheld device which is widely used in airports and other places due to its ability to detect explosives by checking the presence of some chemicals in the air, or simply, to sniff out the presence of chemicals.

However, the handheld form and its power to smell out chemicals have made it capable of diagnosing cancer by checking the breath of the suspected patient for the presence of certain chemicals usually produced by the illness.

The researchers have used the machine with a control group of people who does not have Mesothelioma and with those who suffer from the cancer.

This enabled the device to make some pattern recognition related to the presence of certain elements with the help of its 32 chemical sensors. In the experiments, CyraNose was found accurate in 88 percent of the cases.

The advantage is that the diagnosis using CyraNose is the least invasive cancer diagnosis method available for Mesothelioma today.

Others involve invasive practices which make the patients suffer a lot. However, with CyraNose, they need to simply breathe, which allow practitioners to use it even with people in intensive care, say the researchers.

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