Adobe Source Sans Pro Joins Open Source Font Family Group

August 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Adobe has just added a new entrant to the vast group of existing open source font families. Named Source Sans Pro, the new font family is now available for download in TTF and OTF formats.

The company also allows others to access the source code of the font to make modifications and to redistribute it without any hassle.

The source code of the font has been released under the terms of SIL Open Font License which is approved by OSI and allows third parties to make any modification to the font and redistribute it.

Designed by Adobe typeface designer Paul D. Hunt, the font was actually announced by an entry posted by the designer in Adobe’s official Typography blog.

The designer admits that he was very much influenced by the simplicity of the Gothic fonts which were earlier designed by Morris Fuller Benton while designing Source Sans Pro fonts.

The company thinks that the new open source font can be used in its open source projects. To move this way, the font is already included in Brackets, an open source code editor for web development. Source Sans Pro is added as a User Interface font in Bracket.

According to reports, the early feed back to the font encourages minimal modifications. For instance, it was suggested that adding a small tail to the lower case “I” will help not to mistake it with an uppercase “I” character.

The font is now available though font hosting services like TypeKit and Google Web Fonts. Support for Cyrillic and Greek is eh future plan, according to the designer.

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