Nintendo Releases Matte Red and Matte Blue DSi Variants

August 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you thought that there won’t be any official announcements from Nintendo in the near future, since the company had launched the 3DS XL just a few weeks ago, you are wrong. The Wii maker has announced that it is going to add two more color options to the existing DSi machines.

Though the previous versions of the gaming hardware from Nintendo already has a number of color variants, the new announcement adds a matte red and  matte blue to the existing color options.

However, since the this was announced through its America Twitter account, the news will not be hyped much, as the company is more focusing on promoting the launch of the 3DS XL machine.

Apart from the generous tweet, the company has not made any details public. It is not yet clear if the newly launched blue and red machines also will have the same price as the earlier models.

However, a change in the price tag is not expected and the new ones are also expected to sell for a $150 retail price. Users may find them for as low as $120 with online retailers.

It is not clear if the introduction of new color options will affect the market performance of the previous hardware as the company has launched the new gaming console.

Now, tell us if the availability of two new colored models will make any change to your purchasing decision.

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