Firefox Beats Chrome in Popularity, but IE Still the Most Popular Browser on Desktops

August 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When Google rolled out Chrome, it did not dent the dominance of Internet Explorer in the browser market, but eaten up the share of another open source browser – Mozilla Firefox. However, the latest figures show that Mozilla and had beaten Google Chrome to taken the second spot.

Figures show that Internet Explorer tops with a worldwide combined market share and desktop browser market share of 49.01 percent and 53.90 percent respectively though it has faced a 0.10 point dip from last month.

Firefox, despite a 20-point fall in May, has restored its position as the second popular browser with a combined share of 18.34 percent and a desktop browser share of 20.2 percent in June.

Chrome finished third with an 18.9 percent share which is down 0.18 points from its last report. Safari finds not many takers on the desktop space but is up by 0.17 point to hit a 4.9 percent mark.

However, Safari remains to be the most popular browser on smartphone and tablet spaces, thanks to the popularity of Apple devices.

Chrome is in lead as far as transition from older versions to newer versions is concerned. But Mozilla is a failure here as close to 30 percent of Firefox users are still using out-of-date versions of the browser which are vulnerable to known security issues.

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