Intel to Come Out With 40 Windows 8 Ultrabooks

August 1, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Intel is planning big to make the most of the upcoming Windows 8 platform from Microsoft.

According to some reports Intel is planning to release at least 40 Ultrabooks on the platform in the fourth quarter of this year.

All these Ultrabooks will be equipped with touch screen displays to optimize the user-experience of the Metro UI of the upcoming Windows 8 platform, which is actually tailor-made for touch screen devices.

The information emerging from the chipmaker suggests that it has also decided to take hold of  the situation despite the challenges expected from the upcoming Surface tablet from Microsoft.

Microsoft had hinted earlier that one of the Surface tablets will be priced close to Ultrabooks.

Intel is also thinking about trimming down the high price tags of Ultrabooks. The company has already reduced the price of the old generation Sandy Bridge Ultrabooks.

According to unofficial Intel sources, the company will price the entry-level Ultrabooks as low as $699 to make them compete better with Apple’s MacBook Air.

Information from the company also suggests that next-gen Haswell chips will replace the current IvyBridgechips and will showcase increased speeds and impeccable power efficiency.

The processor will bet the first System on a Chip for PC. As per Intel’s claims, it will use 20 times less power than the current processor chips.

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