Google Chrome Latest Version Can Interact with Users

August 1, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When you sit in front of the latest version of the Google Chrome Browser, beware; the browser can watch you and listen to you.

According to the latest post on the official blog of Google Chrome, the search giant is claims about web apps that can interact with users through the camera on the machine and listen to them with the help of the microphones, if you give the permission, of course.

Just to feel the difference, fetch the Sketchbots experiments in the Chrome Web Lab after getting the latest version of Chrome. It allows the user to take his or her faceshot.

The app will then convert this photo into a line drawing, before sending it to a robot at the London Science Museum.

The robot will draw the face in a patch of sand for the visitors of the museum, which the user can opt to watch on a live YouTube footage.

The magic is brought to you by the getUserMedia API included in the 21st stable release of the browser.

It helps developers to create new-gen apps which offer new experiences if the users let apps access the camera and microphone on the system via a plug-in.

The API is considered as the first step of moving closer to a new real-time communication standard called WebRTC.

WebRTCis a free and open source project to enable rich and high quality RTC applications which offer high quality video and audio communication in real time.

The update also brings better integration of Cloud Print, expanded gamepad support and support for the Retina Display of the Mac machines.

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