Samsung May Unveil 11.8-Inch Retina Display Slate

July 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The patent row being fought between Apple and Samsung has helped us get some interesting peeps into the documents and plans of the respective companies. As part of the court proceedings, these documents have come out in the public domain.

If it was Apple’s yet unseen iPad and iPhone prototypes that came out through court documents so far, the documents submitted by Samsung shows that it is working on an 11.8 inch tablet which is codenamed ‘P10’.

The device will pack 4G LTE connectivity and a huge 11.8 inch Retina Display.

The display, according to the document, will have a WQXGA resolution (2560 x 1600). The pixel density of the display will be 256 ppi (Pixels Per Inch).

This means that after making the Galaxy S III with a bigger display to challenge the iPhone, Samsung is now aiming at the iPad market which finds the Retina Display very attractive. Being a major supplier of LCDs and AMOLEDs, Samsung will have no issue in bringing out such a device with better quality.

However, the 11.8 inch width will be an issue with portability. But we feel that the device with such a quality display will be a crowd puller.

Though the existence of such a device was rumored earlier, it was expected to come out in MWC. But since the court documents suggest it is a 2012 product, we hope we may see it in the mid-August Samsung event.

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