Next iPhone Rumored to be Launched on September 12

July 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well folks, here’s a piece of news we all have been waiting for. We have picked some rumor that suggests that the Cupertino Company will roll out its next generation iPhone in a special event in September.

Apple has launched the iPhone 4S, the latest unveiled iPhone in October last year and observers have time and again hinted that the company will release the new iPhone during fall.

Now certain sources have claimed that the company is planning an event on September 12 to announce the launch. Multiple sources have confirmed the rumor, though Apple is yet to comment on it officially.

Sources say that the increased prepayment for inventory components is meant secure better product launches. As per the company’s last 10-Q filing, during the June quarter, it has spent $1.15 billion as prepayment for inventory components. According to experts, this suggests that the company is aiming at a big product launch this fall.

Looking at the past patterns also, there are high chances that the September launch is credible; iPhone 4S was launched in October last year.

However, since it’s about an Apple event, we are not going to believe that the event will actually take place on September 12, until we get an official invitation from Apple for the iPhone event.

But having such a hint, though not officially confirmed, will help us keep the anxiety levels down. Don’t you think so?

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