New iPhone won’t be Called iPhone 5, Say Experts

July 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With rumors popping up about an imminent Apple iPhone event, it is time to think only about the upcoming iPhone device. We have heard many a rumors about the device.

They say that it will have a bigger display than its predecessors, and will be 4G enabled. But no one has been able to specifically tell us what the phone will be called.

Apple is notorious breaking the expectations when it comes to naming its upcoming products. Normally, devices in a series follow a pattern. So 3 will follow 4 and then 5 will replace the 4. Apple has always broken this straight line.

Last time, when the entire world was expecting Apple to announce iPad3, the Cupertino Company called it just the ‘new iPad’.

So how will it name the upcoming iPhone? Many observers suggest that Apple may not call the device iPhone 5. They think that Apple will call it just a ‘new iPhone’.

Looking at the history of iPhone names, we will get a clue. The first 2G iPhone was called the iPhone, while its successor was called iPhone 3G. Instead of calling the next phone iPhone 4, Apple preferred to name it iPhone 3GS. But in fact, it was just the third device in the series.

However, the next device was aptly called iPhone 4 since it was the fourth one in the product-line. However, when the fifth iPhone came out, the company called it iPhone 4S. Hence experts say that the gen-next iPhone won’t be called iPhone 5.

But we doubt if Apple is going to call the next iPhone, just a ‘new iPhone’.

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