Google Now Challenger Saga Hits iOS App Store

July 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Now has amazed everybody who loves virtual assistants with its intuitiveness in giving suggestions. It has thus managed to outsmart the intelligent voice assistant Siri on the iOS platform.

Now, it is the time for a Google Now challenger on iOS platform. Enter Saga. Saga is not a Siri replacement since both behave differently. Siri does things which you could have done yourself (say, spot a restaurant in the city or setting an alarm) if you had enough time. Moreover, the intelligence of the assistant is limited to recognizing the spoken voices.

However, Saga is one step ahead of Siri and is really intelligent since it can sometime predict what the users are up to and suggest things based on Saga’s experience of the preferences of the user.

However, Saga needs time to study your habits and patterns. It amasses a huge chunk of data and a set of complex algorithms to process and memorize linkages. Saga will keep an eye on where the user is and will suggest him how long it will take to reach back home, or say a bunch of restaurants which the user may like to visit.

Creators claim that Saga can even jump out of the smartphone to hit other devices like wearable displays. In future Saga will also analyze the user’s friends’ behavioral patterns to make more tailor made suggestions.

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