Tank-Shaped Robot to Extend Your Wi-Fi Range

July 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There are so many Wi-Fi range extenders out there that we are practically spoiled for choice. But if you are in the mood for some innovation, you can get yourself a robot to extend the Wi-Fi range.

Not just a robot but a tank-shaped robot with a powerful set of repeaters, camera with night vision and personalized user interface on the remote control.

Students from the Northern University are behind this highly-innovative robot. It offers versatility and functionality.

Working on Node.js and with the aid of Arduino, the robot’s shape helps it to conquer almost all possible terrains. The repeaters are powerful enough to sense Wi-Fi signals and then replicate it to increase the effective range of the available Wi-Fi connection.

The robot weighs 150 lbs and is made of aluminum (except for treads). As far as technicality is concerned, it can achieve a range of 1 km with one on-board router and two droppable long-range repeater modules.

It has a battery back up to hold the working time to approximately 12 hours. Other features include on-board webcam with microphone, night vision, pan and tilt and on-board GPS for location tracking.

The creators of this amazing machine have not yet disclosed the pricing details,  but the robot does look quite appealing.

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