Intelligent Mobile Trash Can Catches Trash for You

July 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

How intelligent can a gentle trash can be? Quite a lot, if you ask this Japanese inventor who has come up with a mobile trash can. This mobile wastebasket moves around the room to catch any falling trash you toss in its general direction.

The trash can actually works in unison with a Kinect on the wall. When garbage is thrown in its direction, the Kinect, which is monitoring the area, will calculate the speed of the throw and the time and the landing position of it.

Based on these calculations, it will direct the trash can to reach out for the garbage before it falls down.

However, the mobile wastebasket will catch the trash effectively, if it comes down in a parabolic trajectory to the ground.

The base of the trash can has some wheels which allow it to move along the surface freely, possibly with the help of charged batteries.

Though it is not yet clear if the innovative idea is into mass production, it will be a relief for people with terrible aim. Will you love such a mobile trash can in your office? Do let us know.

[Editor’s note: This is great news for those office trashbasketball players whose throwing skills need significant improvement.]

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