Amazon Lures App Developers Prior to the Launch of New Kindle Fire Devices

July 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apps are the lifeline of a gadget ecosystem. Amazon knows it well, especially when it is facing a potential competitor in Nexus 7 from Google.

So the Kindle Fire maker is courting app developers and game developers to make games and apps for its Kindle Fire devices, in an obvious preparation for the imminent launch of the new device.

The company has reportedly set up special teams to help new developers. These teams focus on different aspects of the app development cycle like design, testing, launching, and marketing where the developers usually need more assistance.

The retailer-turned-gadget maker is now pumping in resources to lure more developers into its fold to enrich the ecosystem it has built around Kindly Fire gadgets.

Kindle Fire, basically an Android tablet, can already access apps available with the Google Play. However, to generate more revenues, Amazon has made Amazon App Store as the default market place for Kindle Fire devices.

So a surge in the number of apps in the Amazon App Store will be directly proportional to Amazon’s revenue generation from the gadget.

With this in mind, the company has rolled out a bunch of features for developers like in-app purchasing, cloud syncing and game leaderboard. It is making policies which make it a better user data sharing entity with developers, than Google or Apple.

It’s been rumored that the company is planning to launch six variants of the Kindle Fire tablet in the near future. The presence of more attractive apps on the platform will be a factor that decides the success of these devices.

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