Twitter Looks to Play a Major Role in Live Events

July 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Twitter is already a source of information from live event venues when people follow instantaneous tweets shot by the participants.

But the blue bird is planning to bring some changes to its service so that it can be part of live events more efficiently.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said that the micro blogging service is ramping up its efforts to help its users find and follow tweets associated with major live events.

It is planning to do so by increasing its presence in connection with the event.

The efforts have taken the company to ink a deal with NBCUniversal to make a page that would gather up all the tweets related to the event, in this case, the London Olympics. This page will carry tweets from athletes, fans and TV personalities and other major sources related to the event.

The renewed push comes as Twitter and Facebook increasingly morph from social networks used to share personal information into media hubs. Recent researches have shown that more than 11 million Twitter users get news from Twitter than from other sources.

The deal with NBCUniversal also includes an on-air promotion of the page which will in turn channel huge traffic to the micro blogging service close to the Olympic Games event. In other words, it’s a chance for Twitter to show that it can be a serious money maker.

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