Galaxy S III Attracts More Crowd, But iPhone 5 Shows Huge Advance Demand

July 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A new survey conducted by ChangeWave Research shows that Samsung has seen a surge in the number people planning to buy one of its smartphone, thanks to the charms of its latest offering – Galaxy S III.

ChangeWave Research surveyed 4,042 consumers during June 18 to 25. The survey mainly focused on the consumer reaction to the pitched battle between Samsung Galaxy S III and the upcoming iPhone 5.

The survey shows that 19 percent of the respondents plan to buy a Samsung phone in near future. This is a 6-point growth from the March figures and is four times more than what Samsung recorded in the past three quarters.

The surge in Samsung’s popularity, according to the survey, is mainly due to the charm of the recently released Galaxy S III device. The survey results show that the size and quality of the display are major attractions.

The growth in Samsung’s popularity does not mean Apple is doing badly. The upcoming iPhone has recorded an all-time-high advance demand, with 14 percent of the respondents saying that they are ‘highly likely’ to buy the device; 17 percent responded that they are ‘somewhat likely’ to buy the phone. Comparative figures for iPhone 4 before its launch were 10 percent and 11.5 percent, respectively.

The survey also found that Motorola has lost 2 points from last quarter, while HTC and RIM remained unchanged and Nokia showed a minimal improvement.

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